极彩app-因街坊"多管闲事" 美国女子被差人枪杀在自己家中

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The nearly 2-minute video shows officers wal极彩app-因街坊"多管闲事" 美国女子被差人枪杀在自己家中king outside the home with flashlights for a few minutes before one of them yells, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” and shoots his weapon through a window。


In a statement, police said the officers entered the home and gave the woman medical treatment, but she died at the scene。


Police have not named the officer, who joined the department in April of last year。 The officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation。


▲Lawyer for slain woman‘s family says Fort Worth police should not be investigating themselves (via CNN)


Smith, the neighbor who called police, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he knew Jefferson was home with her nephew when he saw the doors of the house open, and was concerned about them。


He told the newspaper he was trying to be a good neighbor and called authorities so they could check on Jefferson。


“I‘m shaken。 I’m mad。 I‘m upset。 And I feel it’s partly mygmm fault,” he told the newspaper。 “If I had never dialed the police department, she‘极彩app-因街坊"多管闲事" 美国女子被差人枪杀在自己家中d still be alive。”


▲Lawyer for slain woman‘s family says Fort Worth police should not be investigating themselves (via CNN)


The concerned neighbor, James Smith, told local television station WFAA that he never intended for an aggressive law enforcement response。


“No domestic violence, no arguing,” he said。 “Nothing th极彩app-因街坊"多管闲事" 美国女子被差人枪杀在自己家中at they should have been concerned with, as far as them coming with guns drawn to my neighbor‘s house,” Smith said。 “There wasn’t any reason for a gunshot that I know of,” he said。 “She wasn‘t a threat。”


▲Fort Worth Officer Kills Woman In Her Bedroom In Response To ‘Open Structure Call’(via NPR)


Authorities say that when they entered Jefferson‘s home, a gun was recovered from the bedroom — the area where police shot and where Jefferson was pronounced dead。 Officials did not say whether Jefferson was holding a weapon at the time the officer fired at her。


▲Fort Worth Officer Kills Woman In Her Bedroom In Response To ‘Open Structure Call’(via NPR)


Kyev Tatum, a pastor and community activist who was on the scene shortly after the shooting, said Jefferson‘s having a weapon should not have justified the use of deadly force。


“If you hear some noise in your backyard early in the morning when you‘re with your 8-year-old nephew, well of course anyone in their right mind is going to try to protect themselves and others, especially a child,” Tatum said。 “But the officer reacted so quickly and never identified himself as a police officer。”


▲Fort Worth Officer Kills Woman In Her Bedroom In Response To ‘Open Structure Call’(via NPR)





“It‘s another one of those situations where the people that are supposed to protect us are actually not here to protect us,” Jefferson’s sister, Amber Carr, told CNN affiliate KTVT。 “You know, you want to see justice, but justice don‘t bring my sister back。”


▲Lawyer for slain woman‘s family says Fort Worth police shoul极彩app-因街坊"多管闲事" 美国女子被差人枪杀在自己家中d not be investigating themselves (via CNN)


安珀盖格(Amber Guyger)是达拉斯的一名白人差人,她走错房间,进入一名黑人男人的公寓,认为那是她自己的公寓,然后开枪打死了那名男人。她最近被判处10年拘禁。

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